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Flipboard 3.0 launches on Android and iOS boasting ‘The Daily Edition’ and ‘Topics’

Flipboard iconA big portion of Flipboard’s 100-million-strong user base is about to receive a shiny new upgrade in the form of the app’s 3.0 update for iOS and Android.

After speaking with Flipboard’s co-founder Evan Doll and Christel Van Der Boom (Head of Communications) we were given an early glimpse at what the next major release of the Flipboard experience will look and feel like.

If you haven’t come across Flipboard before, it’s the creation of a team based in Palo Alto, built to give users the ability to create virtual magazines, filled with the content that matters to them. The latest incarnation; version 3.0 pushes the focus of content sharing to the users, with a drive to get people following other user-created magazines.

The biggest new addition is Topics, which now sits in its own dedicated area within Flipboard. The by-product of acquiring rival content aggregator Zite earlier this year, Topics collates feeds intelligently from across Flipboard’s vast network including relevant elements that may be trending amongst other users. Subjects can be anything from ‘surfing’ to ‘Syria’.

Flipboard 3.0

At launch Evan said that there will be around 34,000+ Topics available to browse, however UK users will be left out in the cold for the time being, this element of the app’s new functionality will at first only be available to US and Canadian users, taking a few more months to arrive at our fine shores.

One new feature we will share in is access to the new Daily Edition – a dedicated feed, collated in-house at Flipboard offering top stores and breaking headlines relevant to your region.

The launch regions are as follows:

  • U.S. English
  • U.S. Spanish
  • The UK
  • India
  • Latin America
  • Brazil

From the moment you open up Flipboard 3.0 you’ll notice the changes. The main feed, previously headed up by your cover stories is now a full-screen experience; the company even employs a former senior photographer for Sports Illustrated and Time magazine to ensure content looks good as well as proving timely, relevant and tailored to the user.


The UK version of The Daily Edition on Flipboard 3.0
The UK version of The Daily Edition on Flipboard 3.0


There’s also a new navigation bar that gives you quick access to tools like advanced search, not to mention notifications and user profiles are more accessible.

Provided you’re rocking an iPhone or iPad running iOS 7 and up or an Android device sporting version 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, you should qualify for access to Flipboard 3.0. There’s no word yet on whether the app’s new tweaks, improvements and additions will grace their presence on the recently released Windows Phone app or the Windows desktop client either, but we’ll undoubtedly find out soon.

Download Flipboard for Android here.

Download Flipboard for iOS here.


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