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Flipboard for iPad gets major update with Google Reader, Flickr and deeper social features

One of the most buzzed-about iPad apps this year – justifiably – was Flipboard. It was one of a new generation of iPad news-reading apps offering a more visual take on RSS, while also tying in social networks Twitter and Facebook, for magazine-style browsing of what your friends had been up to.

Well, if you’re a fan, today’s update to Flipboard will knock your socks off, with some powerful new features and enhancements.

New is support for Google Reader, allowing you to read stories in your folders, browse friends’ shared items, and mark stories as starred or shared, plus leave comments. Equally impressive is new support for Twitter, letting you flip through your own photostream as well as those of your friends and groups.

The Facebook and Twitter features have been beefed up too. You can now browse Facebook groups, fan pages and photos, as well as getting directly into your Twitter tweets, @mentions and lists.

In essence, Flipboard is now much better as a Twitter or Facebook client in its own right, rather than just pulling in a mix of stuff from both sites. You can post status updates and tweets, and cross-post between Twitter, Facebook and Google Reader – for example, posting an article you’ve seen on Twitter straight to your Facebook wall.

Meanwhile, Flipboard has also given the app’s design some significant tweaks, making it faster and more stylish. We were already impressed, but with this update, Flipboard is going to be getting even more use on our iPad.


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