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Flipboard for iPad gets revamped with an update

We’re big fans of iPad app Flipboard, which serves up a dynamic e-magazine based on what your Facebook and Twitter friends have been posting and linking to, along with news pulled in from your favourite sites. It’s just been updated to version 1.0.2 with some impressive new features.

Such as? You now have more sections, and are able to add up to 21 of them to your Flipboard, while removing those that you don’t find interesting any more. The app also launches a bit faster, so you can dive straight into what’s new, and automatically loads in new content when it’s available.

Flipboard has also tweaked its layout, showing web page snapshots when there’s no text preview available. It’s also got better recommendation features, so you can add custom feeds and see what new sections are recommended more easily. Finally, you can retweet articles with a comment, the video playback is less buggy, and it plays more nicely with Facebook feeds.


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