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Flipboard iPhone edition lands

It’s been on the Apple iPad for a while now, but in an update released today news and socail networking aggregator app Flipboard is finally available for the iPhone.

If you’ve never seen Flipboard, then it’s really worth a download. It’s basically a personalised magazine, that pulls in news stories and social networking feeds displaying them all as articles you flick through. But what’s great about Flipboard is that you can customise the content, so it only shows those of interest. Don’t like Sport? Then you won’t get any sport content.

Choose from a selection of diverse topics including: News, Business, Tech&Science, Video, Photos&Design, Entertainment and Sports. Within each one you can select the information provider, so for example news sources including: BBC News, The Guardian, Daily Telegraph and The Economist.

Click each topic to view more information, for example select ‘Photography’ and you can scroll through a list of topical pictures from throughout the day, including Alec Baldwin, ancient stone carvings in Jerusalem and Icicles.

A highlight is Cover Stories, which displays articles and photos currently being shared across your Twitter and Facebook feeds, within this you can retweet and even reply within Flipboard.

Version 1.7 also includes enhancements to the speed and Flipboard Accounts, where you can sign in from either an iPhone or iPad to access your content and a timeline feed.

Flipboard makes the transition from big to small screen quite well. Yes, the iPad 2’s 9.7-inch screen is certain superior for viewing pictures, however the iPhone’s small form brings the advantage of portability. If you are interested in news and current affairs, you may never need to look at separate news feeds again.


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