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FLIR ONE case adds night vision to your iPhone

The FLIR ONE case offers night vision to your iPhone, giving stalkers cheap thrills

iPhone users will soon be able to pretend they’re in the SAS and conduct night manoeuvres thanks to a thermal imaging device that can be fitted a smartphone and pinpoint hidden heat sources. The FLIR ONE smartphone case makes use of thermal imaging to reveal such useful details such as where your lost cat is hiding in the garden, the presence of someone lurking outside your window and where heat is escaping from your house, racking up your energy bills.

The Flir One lets you play at being secret agent.

Thermal imaging makes no distinction between day and night – it simply detects infrared heat sources and shows them as heat maps. The FLIR ONE’s camera will indicate relative heat levels, showing different colours for warm, cold, hot and very hot. It recognises heat sources in smoky environments and, to the excitement of teenage boys everywhere, can pinpoint hotspots through some types of clothing. The FLIR ONE can take still photos and record video too. Photos and videos are saved to the camera roll, from where they can be shared via Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and so on.


The FLIR ONE case fits onto the back of an iPhone case and places a thermal imaging camera next to the smartphone’s built-in optics. The $350 case is independently powered by a 1,400mAh battery that lasts for up to two hours of continuous use. There’s an on/off switch integrated into the case’s body and a cover for the infrared camera’s shutter. A mini USB port on the case is used as a recharging port. As well as powering the thermal imaging camera, the FLIR ONE can be used to prolong the battery life of the phone.

The camera is controlled via the free FLIR MX app, which works with iOS7 and above. The case fits iPhone 5 , 5S and 5C handsets and comes in the same space grey, gold and white colours as the iPhone. The iPhone version of the FLIR ONE goes on sale internationally this spring with an Android version planned for launch later in the year. There will also be an SDK kit so developers can create their own apps based on the FLIR ONE’s Lepton thermal imager.


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