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FlirtMaps PRO offers ad-free romance for iPhone singletons

Location-based dating apps will be all the rage by this time next year, mark my words. With responsible privacy policies and enough people using them, apps could become one of the main ways to hook up with other people.

FlirtMaps is one of the early examples on iPhone, and now it’s launched a PRO version for £1.19. The difference from the existing free version is that there are no advertisements to get in the way of your flirting. It’s all based around what other users are nearby, using a map-based interface.

You can send messages and virtual kisses to break the ice, with the idea being that if that goes well, you’re only a few minutes’ walk from meeting up.

The key challenge for an app like this, though, is to get lots of people using it quickly, to reduce the likelihood that new users will log in, see an empty map, and then abandon the app forever. FlirtMaps says it’s signing up more than 1,000 new users a day at the moment, and that it’s active in more than 50 countries.

It might work well in, say, San Francisco, but if FlirtMaps is going to take off here in the UK, it’ll need to gain momentum quickly in London and other cities – in the capital, it already faces local competition in the form of StreetSpark.


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