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Floating Image brings your Android phone’s photo gallery to life

Let’s face it, the standard Android gallery is a bit, well, standard. Floating Image changes all that by (you guessed it) floating all your photographic efforts across your Android phone’s screen.

You can tap individual pics to zoom in on them as they pass and change the speed at which they float by in the settings.

To begin with Floating Image pulls pics from the standard camera gallery and the current top 500 from Flickr. You can add pictures you’ve uploaded to Picasa and Facebook as well – although if you’ve any embarrassing Facebook pictures you might want to disable this option before showing this app off to people in the pub.

If you’ve installed other Android camera apps like FxCamera, Retro Camera or Color Up you can choose to add your snaps from these to the Floating Image photo stream. Pictures you’ve created in artistic apps like Magic Marker can also be thrown into the mix.

Future updates include the ability to set Floating Image streams as live wallpapers (very cool) and include images from Stumble Upon and Google into feeds.

Floating Images is free to download from the Android Market, but if you’re feeling generous there’s a PayPal link here (along with a list of phones which support the app) where you can leave developer Mark Gjøl a couple of crowns.


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