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FLUD is the latest iPad visual news-reader app

Visual RSS readers are currently hot on iPad, with oodles of hype around apps like Pulse, Early Edition, Reeder and Apollo. In different ways, all look to go beyond traditional text-based RSS readers, with visually attractive front-ends and varying levels of social networking.

The latest entrant? FLUD. Not that it describes itself as an RSS reader, mind. Oh no, it’s “a modern, beautiful and personalized mobile news ecosystem with the vision to empower it’s users to engage and broadcast relevant news topics to their social networks”.

An RSS reader with bells on, in other words.

In its initial release, it lets you add up to 30 feeds, searching and adding them within the app itself. Stories are then served up in the swipey grid-based interface that’s fast becoming the standard for this kind of app.

You can mark articles that you ‘love’, browse the web from within the app, and share articles via Facebook and email. What’s more, FLUD’s developer promises “major updates” in the coming weeks to add new features.

Is it better than its rivals? It’s way too early to tell. But the fact that there are several apps like this on iPad should mean they evolve at lightspeed in the weeks and months ahead – good news for iPad users.


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