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For the price of an iPhone 4 you could buy a Lamborghini… (for the weekend)

So you’ve been down to the Apple Store, taken one look at the queue and changed your mind quick-sharp. Well, that’s you with a nice extra wodge of cash in your pocket; forget the iPhone 4 altogether. Stick with your current handset and indulge in one of these instead.

Instead of an 18-month contract on O2 (£30/month + £209 for 18GB handset = £749) you could buy…

A classic Mulberry Bayswater handbag for £695 – boys, look away. You won’t get it. It’s just a boring handbag, you’ll say. But that’s not true; a Mulberry handbag is an investment. It’ll never go out of style, probably never break and will carry all your prized possessions with ease. Or so we tell ourselves, anyway. Just shut up about it and I’ll give you my £54 change, ok?

If you’re not so much of the Mulberry persuasion, perhaps we can interest you in 648 bottles of Corona from Sainsburys (54 crates of 12)? With the left over £3 you can pick up a few limes as well.

Instead of a 24-month Orange contract (£75/month + £29 handset = £1829) you could buy…

What’s cooler than an iPhone 4? A frickin’ Lamborghini, that’s what. For just £1,725 this bad-ass Lamborghini Gallardo Spider could be yours. For a weekend, at least. This isn’t technically a purchase, more like a really, really quick mid-life crisis but still – you’re going to look pretty awesome cruising past that Apple Store queue in this bad boy.

Or, how about you give yourself 1,829 chances to win the lottery – I tried to work out how much this would increase your chances of winning by, but after eighteen frustrating minutes I figured that life is too short for such strenuous maths.

Instead of an iPhone 4 16GB unlocked from the Apple Store (£499), you could buy…

I hate to play into the classic girly stereotype of shoes and handbags, but I’ve watched way too much Sex and the City not to want a pair of Christian Louboutin classic patent pumps. At £375 they’re way cheaper than the cheapest iPhone 4 from the Apple Store – and, ah, how convenient, a leftover £124 to make a start on the accompanying outfit.

For something a little less flashy and a little more classic than the Lamborghini, pick up a 20-year-old Jaguar from AutoTrader for £500 – we can make no guarantees about its inner workings, but it’ll look pretty swish in your driveway.

If shoes and bags and cars and beer aren’t your thing, can you say no to a week’s holiday in Lake Garda, Italy? Yours for the same price as the unlocked iPhone 4, from

Instead of an iPhone 4 32GB unlocked from Apple Store (£599), you could buy…

Perhaps Italy is a little too close to home for you – no probs, hop aboard a return British Airways flight to New York for £591 (if you’re willing to travel on weekdays). Obviously this doesn’t include accommodation but hey, it’s New York, I’m sure you’ll get by.

For the holiday-strapped among us, may we suggest either 59,900 penny sweets or 5,990 10p ice pops for the warm weather – we’re pretty sure you could negotiate some sort of bulk discount too.

Apple has got this other product – you might have heard of it – called an iPad; you could get the 32GB 3G model for £599. Best to order it online though – and remember, it doesn’t have a camera. Or make calls. Or multitask. Looks nice though.


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