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Forbes Lists makes its power play on iPad

Everyone loves a list. And we’re quite partial to boggling at how rich/powerful/influential people are too. Business mag Forbes knows both these things, and has been publishing lists to capitalise for decades.

Well, there’s now an iPad app for that, complete with a suitably tablet-esque interface where you can see blizzards of thumbnails on-screen of the great, the good and the considerably-richer-than-thou.

It’s a free download, and kicks off with this year’s list of the 400 richest Americans, sortable by name, age, residence and source of wealth, as well as by how much moolah they’ve got. You can search for specific individuals – yes, Steve Jobs is in there – and create your own list of the people you want to keep tabs on.

(Good for burglars. Although we didn’t say that…)

We’re assuming the app will update with Forbes’ other lists as they are released over the coming months. It’s very business-focused, obviously, but seems very well done.


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