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Ford opts for BlackBerry’s QNX platform for its in-car “Sync/MyFord Touch”

Ford has dropped Microsoft’s Windows system, choosing BlackBerry instead for its in-car ‘Sync/MyFord Touch’. 

BlackBerry’s QNX operating system has been chosen by Ford for its in-car ‘Sync/MyFord Touch’ software platform. Microsoft’s Windows system has been dumped in the process. For those that don’t know, the Sync/MyFord Touch uses voice-activated and touchscreen interfaces to make mobile phone calls, as well as navigate in-car controls and play music. 

This will be good for BlackBerry, as it will enable them to control 50% of the automotive control system market. Microsoft only controls about 25%. What’s more, this move will bring BlackBerry back into the US market. Last year, Ford sold just under 2.5 million cars in the United States. Its Sync system is used on more than 7 million vehicles around the world. 

This move will lower Ford’s costs, and according to a Ford official, software developers are more comfortable working with BlackBerry. Windows was dropped mainly for the expense of licensing the Redmond-based company’s operating system. Meanwhile the only other QNX-based devices in the spotlight are the ill-fated Blackberry PlayBook and the underpinnings of all Blackberry OS 10 devices.

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