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Forget FatBooth, it’s all about iArrPirate now…

It’s hit home to us in recent weeks that one of the biggest current phenomena on the App Store are image-changing apps, spearheaded by FatBooth – aka the app that all our non-geek mates rave about whenever we try to get them to download one of our recommendations.

So what’s the next big novelty image-changing app? Don’t bet against iArrPirate, which as you may have guessed from the name and picture, is all about turning yourself into a pirate.

“Whether ye be missing an eyepatch, forgot your cutlass at home, or just need polly to sit on yer shoulder, this is the app fer you,” explains the blurb. Naturally, you can post the results to Twitter and Facebook to impress your landlubber friends.

Developer Riptide Games is also running a contest to win a $50 iTunes voucher, for the person who makes the best tweet and photo from iArrPirate before this year’s Talk Like a Pirate Day (19th September, if ye be wondering…)


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