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Four Play iPad browser lets you surf four sites at once

Browser app Four Play is aptly named: it lets iPad users surf four websites at once. On the same screen.

Yes, admittedly, this means each site only gets a quarter of the iPad’s screen to itself, which isn’t an ideal browsing experience. Then again, people look at real websites happily on their iPhones, so it might not be a problem.

“Four Play is designed for blog junkies, researchers, and folks who need to compare multiple websites at one time,” claims the App Store blurb, although sadly for us Brits, it’s only available in the US App Store at the moment.

We saw iPad browsers that could surf two sites at once in the early days of the iPad App Store, but now developer Wesley Dyson has doubled that. Where will this all end? Stand by for an Octo Play browser (possibly).


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