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Foursquare + Augmented Reality + Virtual Graffiti = ARstreets

Foursquare and graffiti, together at last! By which we don’t mean painting ‘STOP CHECKING IN AND TALK TO ME!’ on your suddenly-unsociable mate’s iPhone in permanent ink.

ARstreets is an intriguing new app that lets you create and post virtual graffiti tags in real-world locations, while tying them into Foursquare check-ins, Facebook and Twitter.

It’s a game in its own right, where you build up – ahem – ‘street cred’ by tagging and checking-in to locations. If other players pick up your tags and use them elsewhere, you get a points boost too. The tags are created using an existing paint engine called Layers, originally developed for the art app of the same name.

“ARstreets provides a community for doodlers, artists and anyone with a desire to alter the world around them, a platform to do so,” says the blurb. “A world with a new reality, one altered, edited and improved by the creativity of others.”

It’s only available in the US App Store for now, where it’s free, but gets users to pay for in-app upgrades like a better paint editor, and an unlimited number of saved tags. One to watch, even if real graffiti artists will probably stick to, well, real paint.


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