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foursqWAR turns Foursquare into a real-world wargame

The rise of Foursquare has led to much excited geektalk about gamification, thanks to the way it wraps a reward system of points and badges around your everyday social activities. But what about the idea of gamifying Foursquare even more? That’s what developer Project Zebra has done with foursqWAR (presumably pronounced ‘four-squaw’.

The description explains how it works: “Turn the real world in to a battleground – using Foursquare as your gameboard. Why be a mayor when you can be a General? You take on the role of a military tactician as you try to take over as many buildings as you can and get to the rank of General.”

So, it takes Foursquare as its core, then throws traditional wargame elements on top, like units (which you can buy) and buildings. It also ties into Apple’s Game Center, so you can earn achievements – sorry, ‘campaign medals’ – and compare your score to other players.

MyTown has showed that marrying social location to traditional game dynamics can be hugely addictive. Wargames are a bit more niche, but foursqWAR is one of the most innovative uses of the Foursquare API that we’ve seen, so we hope it finds an audience and continues to evolve in the coming months.


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