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Fox movies coming to Android phones

Beginning with X-Men:First Class, Android fans in the UK will soon be able to download Twentieth Century Fox movies to their handsets – provided they have bought the Blu-ray version.

Anyone who buys the Blu-ray version will be able to download a digital version which can then be transferred (side loaded) onto the phones and will be available to the UK, US, France and Germany. Fox claims this is the first service of its kind.

Vincent Marcais from Twentieth Century Fox comments: “Given its strong growth as a mobile operating system, the support for Android is an important move for us because it further enhances Blu-ray discs as the best way to get your movies to all your screens,”

This means that Android users will finally be able to catch up with iTunes users. Currently when you buy a selected Twentieth Fox Blu-ray it includes a second disc which includes a digital version in protected WMA format. This is compatible with iTunes for use on the iPad and iPhone, as well as Windows PlayForSure devices via Windows Media Player.

This follows a recent update to the Android Market adding support for downloadable movies. Unfortunately it’s US only at the moment, with movies costing around $1.99 to rent.

There’s no official news when it will be available for Android hand, but X:Men First Class is scheduled for release on Blu-ray on September 9th

Source: Financial Times


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