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Fracture for iPhone: Give your pictures the Picasso treatment

Fracture for iPhone takes the impressionistic overtones of Hipstamatic, Instagram et al a step further, giving your snaps a Cubist-inspired makeover.

As well as being able to blur and distort a single image, one of the great things about Fracture is that it allows you to combine two or more pictures into one, allowing you to create some seriously warped images.

Once you’ve selected a picture or pictures, you ‘paint’ on to a white canvas with your finger. The longer you hold your finger in one place, the more distorted that area becomes.

You can start by putting down a ‘foundation’ layer just by using one photo at first and then layer other things on top, like we did with the kitten bursting out of a box of Cheese Nips.

Alternatively, as I did with this self-portrait taken on an iPhone 4, you can throw in everything at once for a more random, less controlled photo burst. Though you can add up to six pictures, we found that it’s best when you stick to melding two or three; any more and it becomes a horrible mess of colour.

The interface isn’t massively intuitive and Fracture can take some getting used to. But if you persevere, you’ll get to know its quirks and learn how to exploit these for artistic effect.

Fracture is one of the more inventive and clever iPhone photo apps we’ve seen in a while. We like that it deviates from the faux-retro crowd and allows you to interact with your photos in a fun way.


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