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Free Zombie Hero – Kill Angry War Ninja goes HD

As iPhone game names go, you can’t get much better than Free Zombie Hero – Kill Angry War Ninja.

It’s a free game released by Fabrication Games, which has just gone HD for iPad and iPhone 4. And there’s serious thinking behind the seemingly-silly name.

See, Fabrication also publishes an app called The Game Trail, which helps people find videos of cool new iPhone games.

They crunched the data on what users were searching for, and discovered that Free, Zombie, Hero, Kill, Angry, War and Ninja were the seven most popular search words. Hence this game, which was presumably designed around the words.

“We had to exclude trademarked words, of course, but the result still feels very appealing,” explains boss Tommy Palm. “Not until now do I realize that I have always wanted to battle ninjas in the shape of a zombie. Since “free” was the most common search word, we felt that it would be wrong to charge money for it.”

You might be wondering what trademarked search terms were excluded. Well, let’s just say that any game pitting Mario and The Sims against Shrek and and Pac-Man in a Call Of Duty deathmatch on a FIFA pitch would be popular. See below.


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