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Freestyle football and Samsung Galaxy Note demonstrations at Victoria Station until 3pm today

As we reported yesterday, the Samsung Galaxy Note is being celebrated today with a kickabout flash mob in Victoria Station, four professional footballers and a staggering amount of Galaxy Notes.

Dubbed an interactive flashmob, the focus of the day seems to be getting public and pros together under one roof / net to share in the beautiful game. It all kicked off with a demonstration of the athletes fancy foot work with a bit of two aside, then they started using their heads and limbs getting into the freestyle. Now it looks like the rest of the day will be spent teaching intrigued onlookers how to get limber with a ball.

There are also demonstrators around for hands-on time with the handset not to mention free Samsung Galaxy Note branded water bottles for anyone who wants to get in the cage with the pros.

As we were weilding one ourselves, all the photos taken today were taken on a Samsung Galaxy Note and with at least 30 being demoed, anyone in the area after some hands-on time should make their way down – it’s running until 3pm today only in the main foyer of Victoria station.

Setting up the indoor green bright and early in the heart of London’s Victoria Station

As you can read across the banners, this is a joint effort from Samsung, ESPN and Starcom promoting Project Teamwork

The initial two-a-side warm-up

The players getting some down time with the star of the show

The focus of the day seemed to be an interactive element, with less flash-mob than we were expecting, but considerably more tuition on offer

Colin Nell (featured below) teaching a couple of lucky girls the fine art of freestyle football


For anyone who wants time with a Samsung Galaxy Note, look for the boys in blue

And finally, in a bid to entice people to play ball, a free water bottle for anyone who takes part in the festivities