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Friday 5 before 5: A humourous highlight of the week in tech

TGIF is the sentiment we’re all probably feeling right about now, but fret not, only 30 minutes to go before the big clock-off for the weekend. What better way to spend said 30 minutes than with our Friday 5, a series of comic moments we’ve enjoyed in the week, stored in a little jar and unleashed in a bid to brighten up your impending weekends.


When writing up the story earlier today about Japanese Siri, we couldn’t help but acknowledge a discord between the sass-mouthed Apple voice assistant and our idea of an archetypal Japanese personal assistant. Then we remembered this video from an Australian comedy sketch show. Enjoy.


Salahuddin Abdullah discovers the best use for Internet Explorer and posts it on his G+.


You probably have or want one if you’re in any way techy. It’s just a correlation we’ve picked up on in our time working in the industry, geeks love tech and cats.

Sweeping statement one aside, if you’re in any way techy then your smartphone probably has a front-facing camera? Yes? Good, sweeping statement two taken care of.

What we’ve effectively concluded is that you’re in the perfect position to act out the scene below (as seen on G+) should you be away on business and miss your feline friend. Now all you have to do is teach him how to get his opposable thumbs around your HTC Sensation and log onto Skype – piece of cake.


Late one night, we were in bed, Googling away and we found out Whitney Houston passed away. How did we do it? Not through Facebook, not through Twitter and not even through Google Plus. Rather, through Google’s predictive search function.

Muppet Breeding

Ever wondered what happens when you breed two Muppets? You get Angry Birds, of course. Courtesy of George Takei’s ever amusing Facebook posts, this the biology lesson that would never happen, for a number of reasons, lawsuits and biological impossibilities notwithstanding.

That’s been our Friday 5, this has been Basil and Tom, and you can now look forward to the weekend ahead. Adieu.


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