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Friday 5 before 5 : A humourous highlight of the week in tech

It’s Friday and it’s our job to get your weekend off to a good start with a smile, chuckle or maybe even a lol. We begin by paying homage to greeting cards you can send from your phone, also known as ecards. We then share a card snapped on a Samsung Galaxy Note (the technology link is tenuous but it’s there) and make our way to an app-oriented infographic. We wrap up with an iPhone concept shaped like a mouse and tail off on an MWC Theme.

When you pick up one end of the stick, you pick up the other:

This is a general message – if you’ve got an article you’re thinking of leaving to Monday, if there’s a Tupperware box in the fridge that needs cleaning, if there’s a paper you’re just itching to hurl into the air, just remember, Monday is only two days away.


Winning is the eternal optimism of the young girl in the yellow dress.

Infographics. What’s not to love? (Click for a full sized version)

Ever wondere how app usage is looking around the world? Why read a website or check a spreadsheet or graph when you can eye over a slickly illustrated infographic? If you’re reading this on a phone, it’s a great aspect ratio to download and scroll through as you digest bit by bit – the Rise of the Planet of the Apps.


Disclaimer: This isn’t an iPhone 5. This is an iPhone mock-up shaped like an Apple magic mouse. That’s all.

And with MWC in Barcelona next week:

Happy Friday, have a great weekend, enjoy the MWC madness and we look forward to sharing more funnies next week.


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