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Friday 5 before 5: tech highlights of the week

There are often things we discover when looking for news, mobile gossip or browsing You Tube in the name of research, that might not make it onto Recombu. Going forward, every Friday we’ll be bringing you our top five ‘things’ we’ve seen. This can include: video clips, new products, websites or photographs  – anything with a tech connection. There will also be a few that make the list for the wrong reasons….

If you have any suggestions let us know below, or via Twitter or Facebook.

1: Bamboo ADzero

Forget plastic, aluminium or glass, the phone of the future could be made of…. wood? Why not? Wood is plentifully available and can be recycled, so maybe it’s not such a strange idea. Originally a concept by Kieran-Scott Woodhouse, a student at Middlesex University, the ADzero is an Android phone constructed from bamboo.
There are a few specifications details, beyond a ring flash and the reveal that it’s light, weighing half the Apple iPhone. Despite being intended for the Chinese market, it will be available in the UK later this year at selected stores.


2: Lifesize Photoshop interface

At first glance this photo looks like a selection of artists tools and paints organised on the floor. But this amazing photograph is actually a replica of the Photoshop desktop complete with a fully featured toolbar, canvas with measurements and text, layers, colours and shades windows. It’s incredibly clever, boxes at the top signify the menus. It was created by Bates 141 agency from Jakarta, art direction was Andreas Junus and Irawandhani Kamaga and photographed by Anton Isamel.

Source: Flickr


3: Violinist Vs Nokia ringtone

You know how annoying it is when someone’s phone goes off in the cinema? In the following video, a violinist is playing a solo at a synagogue in Slovakia when the Nokia ring tone emulates loudly from the crowd. He pauses then starts playing the them tune on his violin. A very gracious reaction – considering the conductor of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra stopped a performance when disturbed by the Apple iPhone ring tone.
Is the video staged staged? The ringing starts at the exact moment he finishes a note. But his reactions appear genuine. What do you think?


4: Touch Screen gloves

In the current weather conditions there’s nothing worse then freezing fingers, especially when you take your fingers off to type a message on a touchscreen.
One solution is obvously to avoid a touchscreen phone. Yes, that’s a bit extreme. Alternatively get some gloves like these from Proporta, which inclide fingertips woven with conductive fibres, so they’ll work on a touchscreen.
At £14.95, they’re a little pricey and the unisex design is functional rather than stylish, but we think it’s a small price to pay to avoid frozen fingers.

Souce: Proporta



5: The Bold Team 

Have you heard of the Bold Team?
The Bold Team make it on our list by virtue of being the most unintentionally humorous thing we’ve seen recently.

As part of RIM’s new marketing campaign in North America, RIM US asked BlackBerry Bold users in New York what resolution they planned in 2012 (or how to #BeBold in 2012).

The results split users into four types, which RIM illustrated with four cartoon characters with missions and rather fetching all-in-ones (right).

GoGo Girl: The Achiever
Max Stone: The Adventurer
Justin Steel: The Advocate ‘hobbies include saving cats caught in trees and using Social Feeds in his spare time
Trudy Foreal: The Authentic

This type of customer integration might well go down well in North America and maybe we’re just cynical Brit’s, but come on RIM…. The Bold Team?

What’s next? The Torch Team or The Curved Team. We eagerly await the next chapter.

Via: PocketLint


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