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Fring for Android update brings fringOut voice calls

Just as the Skype app touched down in the Android Market, rival VoIP provider Fring pushed out an update to its Android app bringing free calls to other Fring users from your Android phone. Timing, as they say, is everything.

The new update brings the fringOut service to Android, which allows you to make free voice calls on your Android phone to other Fring users, as well as low cost calls to international landlines.

This doesn’t really do anything that the Skype app does, but the biggest advantage Fring has over Skype is that it works on old-school Android phones running 1.5. At the moment the Skype Android app only works on a limited selection of phones running Android 2.1 and above.

What’s more Fring for Android also supports video calls, something which the Skype app currently doesn’t. Voice calls on Fring worked just as well as they did for us on Skype but we didn’t have any Android phones that supported video calling to hand at the time of writing so we weren’t able to give this a go.


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