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Fring iOS 4 update includes two-way video calls

Mobile VoIP service Fring’s iPhone app has got a major update for iOS 4, which includes multi-tasking, a new social stream, and two-way video calls.

The latter is the biggest feature of the lot, letting you gurn and wave at your Fring contacts while calling them. It works over 3G or Wi-Fi, which is good – in that you can do it when not in range of a hotspot. However, it means Fring isn’t using Apple’s FaceTime technology, which is Wi-Fi only. In fact, I’m not even sure if Apple is letting developers use FaceTime in their apps yet, so this probably isn’t Fring’s fault.

Multi-tasking is important too, letting Fring run in the background to receive calls while you’re doing other stuff. The social stream feature is interesting, pulling in tweets and Facebook updates alongside your chats and call updates. Finally, Fring has smartened up its address book, to let users manage their friend list and merge contacts together.

Besides the VoIP voice and video calls, Fring lets you tie in your MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo, AIM and ICQ instant messaging contacts, as well as Twitter.


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