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Fruit Ninja for Android updated, adds long-awaited Arcade Mode

The latest update to Fruit Ninja for Android finally brings the long-awaited Arcade Mode with it. Now Android users can finally experience what Fruit Ninja fans on the iPhone have been enjoying for months.

The new Arcade Mode is a 60-second time attack that throws some bonus items into the mix. Things like an icy banana that slows down game play (making it easier to rack up combos), a fruit frenzy banana (causes a torrent of fruit to erupt on the screen) and a double points banana which, amazingly, doubles your points.

Pesky bombs get thrown in your path like in normal mode, but these don’t spell game over when hit; they just deduct ten points from your score.

There’s also a new blade to unlock, and three new OpenFeint trophies to earn, if you’re that way inclined.

Fruit Ninja costs $0.99 which works out at around £0.65 in the Android Market.


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