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Fruit Ninja game goes HD for iPad

There’s a hot new game genre on iPhone which, for want of a better phrase, we’ll describe as ‘fruit-based slash ’em ups’. Population? Er, one.

Fruit Ninja has been a big hit on the App Store, but now it’s got a new HD spin-off for the iPad. Like the original, it involves slicing a range of juicy fruit by swiping your finger across the screen.

Well, fingers in this case: Fruit Ninja HD lets you swipe up to eight fingers at once to splat as many fruit as possible.

That also powers the game’s new multiplayer mode, where two players go head-to-head on the same iPad. And like the iPhone version, there are online high-score tables to track your solo performance against the world.

Squishing fruit might not sound like a great game, but trust us, Fruit Ninja is very addictive. The HD version looks like it’ll be just as appealing to iPad owners.


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