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Fruit Ninja hacks and slashes its way to Android

As well as loathing pirates, it appears that ninjas have a pathological hatred for fruit. Fruit Ninja, everyone’s favourite fruit-based slash ‘em up, has finally katana’d its way to the Android Market.

The premise is simple; apples, pears and various other fruits are tossed up into the air and it’s your job to slice and dice them before they hit the ground.

There are currently two modes, Classic and Zen. In Classic mode, you lose a life each time you allow a piece of fruit to return to the ground unscathed and have only three lives to play with. Glowing bombs are also thrown in to make things more interesting. These spell instant death should you strike them, no matter how many lives you have left.

Zen mode is an altogether more relaxing prospect; there are no bombs and you have unlimited ‘lives’ so to speak. Just 90 seconds of unadulterated fruit slicing fun. There is something incredibly satisfying about destroying a torrent of digital food after a hard day at the coalface.

On the main menu there’s also a menu option tantalisingly labelled ‘Coming Soon’. We reckon that it could eventually lead to a section where you can purchase items via in-app payments (like the forthcoming Mighty Eagle on Angry Birds) but it’s anyone’s guess what this will actually bring.

Fruit Ninja also supports OpenFeint, so if you have a Feint profile you can log in and share your high scores and achievements with other players. If you don’t have one you can create one within the app and get on with racking up those points.


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