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Fuel your Ashes fever with two new iPhone cricket games

The battle for The Ashes is well and truly underway, with the Aussies remembering how to bowl and bat in time to win the Third Test this week, leaving the series poised at 1-1.

Frustrated that you couldn’t jump in and sort things out when [insert nation] was struggling? Two new iPhone games let you take control of the action.

Ashes Cricket (right) is a standard cricket action game, which lets you play as England or Australia, complete with the proper player names (i.e. no ‘Straws and Cock’ opening for England, as has been seen in some unofficial games).

Is playing a full test on an iPhone much fun – and will your battery last? We sense the game may be better for shorter, sharper sessions.

The second game offers long-term depth, though. Cricket Captain 2010 (right) is the first iPhone version of the PC simulation of the same name.

It’s a management game, which lets you take control of any club team in England or Australia, as well as any test-playing nation. You choose your team and coach them, take charge of transfers, and then watch 3D highlights to see how your players get on.


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