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Fujitsu Arrows F-07D: Video recording when underwater

During our time at the Fujitsu stand we got to play around with the Fujitsu Arrows F-07D which we first saw back at CES. Though we’d seen the phone before we simply couldn’t resist dunking it in the giant fish tank Fujitsu had set up in its booth.

We were curious to see how it’d handle receiving calls when under water. Turns out it works fine. But pending the development of a waterproof Bluetooth snorkel kit there’s no way you’ll be able to actually answer it underwater.

But what about recording video? As soon as the Fujitsu rep’s back was turned, we opened up the camera app, hit record and chucked it in the tank. Just kidding, the immersion test was carried out by one of Fujitsu’s training team at our request. If you’ve ever wondered what video recording on an Android phone looks like underwater, hit up the video below.

An interesting side note about the fish tank; Fujitsu told us that the phones and tablets in the tank normally stay there for an entire day at Mobile World Congress. That’s a full 12 hour shift spent under water.

Though the official spec sheet claims that you get up to 30 minutes of sub-aqua protection with Fujitsu’s waterproof phones, this is at depths of 1.5 metres. Apparently, water pressure at levels any deeper than that will see a phone’s innards packing up.

So there you go; 30 minutes at depths of a metre and a half, or half a day spent in a fish tank. 


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