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Full version of Tweetdeck for Android arrives in Market

The full version of Tweetdeck for Android is available to download now. Tweetdeck for Android allows you to integrate Twitter and Facebook feeds along with messages from Foursquare and Google Buzz as well in one streamlined news feed. Not much has changed from the beta that we were able to immediately notice, apart from it feeling a bit more polished.

We’ve seen various attempts at social network aggregation on Android before and we can safely say that nothing comes close to what Tweetdeck has done here. That said it also works fine as a standalone Twitter app if you don’t want everything pumping through one condensed stream.

Replying to messages and uploading pictures from your gallery is a simple case of tapping the ‘add picture’ tab and as is adding your location to tweets.

Put simply this is the best looking – if not the best – Twitter app out for Android. And it’s free. What are you waiting for?


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