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Fun Face Swap app hits Windows Marketplace, we get deja vu

There’s nothing like that feeling of being ahead of the curve, only to see someone else months later doing what you did and passing it off as ‘new’. It’s like that time when you had a Green Day CD before anyone else at school, thought you were hardcore and then bitched when other kids started listening to ‘Good Riddance’.

Anyway… Microsoft has released the new Face Swap app to the Windows Marketplace. As its name suggests, it allows you to take a snapshot with people’s faces in and switch them around.

Using face detection, it automatically grabs hold of a pair of heads and when you shake your phone, it swaps them around. It’s quick, fun and your face-swapping antics can be directly shared to Facebook and Twitter.

It works with humans and according to the comments it looks like it can work with animals as well. We’ll be testing this out over the holidays to see what our siblings look like with the cat’s head on.

As great as this is we *ahem* can’t help but note that we’ve seen something similar done before, but with a couple of iPad 2’s… *cough*wediditfirst*cough*


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