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Topless girls no longer Fun & Games for EE

EE removing Page 3 Girls link from ‘Fun & Games’ menu, after mum spots it on her daughter’s phone.

EE is working fast to remove a smutty link from the Fun & Games section of old SIM cards, after a mother spotted it on her 11-year-old daughter’s Samsung handset. Siobhan Warrington, 41, noticed the ‘Page 3 Girls’ teaser after buying her daughter the phone and a T-Mobile SIM card, and immediately complained to network provider EE, owners of T-Mobile. EE has since “kicked off an urgent review to get this removed from the relevant SIMs”.

EE works to remove Page 3 Girls option from Fun & Games Menu after mum spots it on 11-year-old daughter's phone

It turns out the link is actually already dead, a legacy thing that’s still buried away on “a small number of very old SIM cards”, even though the service was discontinued some time ago. Of course, times have moved on a bit since the days of £1-a-pop fap-material downloads, and any smut surfer worth their salt knows you can simply get on your phone’s browser and find all manner of indecent material with relative ease.

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