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Funambol brings wireless syncing to your BlackBerry

Starting today, BlackBerry lovers will be able to sync their contacts, calendars and more, without the need to tether it to a PC with a cable.

Photos taken on a BlackBerry can also be synced to the cloud, and even shared through Facebook, Flickr or Picasa. The makers are promising that the forthcoming BlackBerry tablet, the Playbook, will also be compatible- great if you’re wanting to send those BlackBerry contacts straight to the tablet. Not only this, but anyone switching from an iPhone, or Android or Symbian phone can now take all their contacts with them.

Funambol, which is already available on Android and iTunes, will launch the beta service today on BlackBerry’s App World and at

Previously, wireless sync was available to Blackberry’s enterprise customers, but the Funambol BlackBerry app
will let users sync everything without the need for an Exchange account.

“(The) iPhone has MobileMe, Android has Google but until now, BlackBerry hasn’t had an equivalent service. Funambol is delivering the missing link by giving BlackBerry consumer users a simple way to sync pictures to the cloud and PCs, and prosumers a way to sync contacts, calendars and more with Outlook, without Exchange or cables.” said Funambol CEO Amit Chawla.

The beta trial will give you 50MB of space, enough for contacts and some photos, with more space set to be available later. The service also comes with a back-up and restore settings, for those accidental deletes we’ve all done once. We’re hoping to give it a hands-on test over the next few days.


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