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Future “cheap iPhone” gets snapped in Vietnam. Maybe

These pictures are purported to be a new phone from Apple – a cut-price version of the current iPhone 4, using plastic panels instead of the classy glass ones found on the current generation model.

The screen has also been downgraded to a lower resolution (looks similar to the third generation screen) though it could be a screen like those found in current generation iPod Touch models – not a retina display, but an improvement on the screen found on the iPhone 3GS.

How do these images measure up on our rumour mill-ometer? Well, although the idea of replacing some of the iPhone’s more expensive parts to create a mass-appeal product with a mass appeal price-tag sounds like it makes good business sense, we’re doubtful that this is what Apple are going to offer up.

Our main niggle is the white speaker area on this phone, something that’s absent from current white iPhones. It was seen on early iPhone models, including prototypes which have also recently appeared around the internet.

Those plastic panels would presumably make this iPhone lighter than the current model, but would it be too low-grade for those lusting after a premium product? We think the screen looks a bit ropey too, reminding us of those resistive touchscreen phones that still plague our phone-reviewing lives.

In summary, this probably isn’t the real deal. But we hope Apple are planning a middle-weight phone for next month. Hot cakes would have nothing on a cheap iPhone.

Source: Tinhte

Via: 9to5Mac


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