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Fuzhou Rockchip Android 4.0 PAD gives us a glimpse of Ice Cream Sandwich on a tablet

We’ve had a quick look-see of how Ice Cream Sandwich translates to the tablet world courtesy of Asus and Nvidia. Though the Asus Transformer Prime will get to Android 4.0 it’s not going to come with it out of the box – it’ll arrive in the form of an update.

China’s Fuzhou Rockchip however looks to be the first Android slate that’ll come with Ice Cream Sandwich baked right in from the start – according to it makers at least.

According to Engadget where we first clapped eyes on this, the Android 4.0 PAD (how’s that for a demystifying name?) was put together after Google release the ICS source code – now that’s some quick work.

In that time we’ve seen ports of Android 4.0 to the Samsung Galaxy S2, the Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 and more ambitious attempts like this T-Mobile G1/HTC Dream port.

Specs of this tablet are a little on the thin ground: other than being powered by a 1GHz RK2918 processor there’s not much to go on. The app icons looks pretty big, so we’re not too hopeful for a high resolution screen.

The app management page hints at some kind of microSD support – our Chinese isn’t that great but you can clearly make out that there’s 857MB of free space. This hints at either 1GB of internal storage (boo) or (hopefully) there’s a memory card installed here.

What are the chances of this device ever seeing the light of day over here? Pretty slim we reckon…

Source: Engadget China via Engadget


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