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G-Form case makes your iPad 2 bowling ball proof

So we’ve already established that the Smart Cover isn’t that great at protecting the back of your iPad 2. Nor is it, we’d wager, adequate against random bowling ball attacks.

Fear not, frequent victims of unprovoked sport equipment attacks; G-Form’s Extreme Sleeve is here.

Designed to fit around both the iPad and iPad 2, the Extreme Sleeve is a water resistant protective sleeve that you zip your pad up in. It’s even got enough room inside for you to zip up an iPad 2 with a Smart Cover attached. Spacious and protective!

The idea is if you’re worried about your expensive new Apple tablet getting scratched or damaged in your bag, just zip it up in the Extreme Sleeve, throw it in and off you go.

If you’re in doubt of the levels of protection the Sleeve offers, have a look at the video below. Tom from G-Form drops a 12lb bowling ball on one from a height of three feet.

iPad 2 then emerges from the Sleeve unscathed. This is compared to a ‘common rigid case’, which doesn’t stop the iPad’s screen from cracking.

G-Form’s Extreme Sleeves are available in two colours – Batman Black or Wolverine Yellow – and costs $59.99 US plus $30.00 for shipping to the UK.

$89.99 currently converts to £55.33 in the Queen’s Money, if you’re interested in getting Extreme with your iPad.



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