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Quad-core LTE Samsung Galaxy S3 coming to Korea, maybe the US too?

Korean customers on the country’s major carriers look set to be the first in the world to receive quad-core endowed Galaxy S3s with the ability to make use of high-speed LTE.

When Samsung’s new Galaxy S3 flagship Android smartphone touched down in the US, consumers Stateside were unsurprisingly as excited as everywhere else the S3 had launched. For some however the US S3 just didn’t cut the mustard against its international sibling. With the heavy use of LTE networks in the US, hardware limitations meant that all carrier variants arrived as dual-core units, much like the US S4-based HTC One X and certainly not the quad-core powerhouse handset other markets had received.

quad-core S3 LTE

It’s now transpired that an LTE quad-core capable Galaxy S3 does exist and is set to touch down next week in Samsung’s homeland of Korea. Not only does this make it the first LTE quad-core smartphone to make it to market, but it could potentially mean that the those US based mobile connoisseurs, may eventually have access to the S3 they always wanted.

According to SamsungTomorrow, Korean mobile networks SK Telecom, KT and LG U+ will all be offering the quad-core LTE S3 starting from July 9th. Along with the quad-core chip of the international version, and the same 2100mAh battery, the Korean LTE S3 is said to offer 2GB of RAM and DMB TV tuning capability.

Although some have shunned the US S3 for its internal hardware, in a side by side comparison with the international quad-core version, performance in real world use proves surprisingly similar. US consumers are also lucky enough to receive twice the RAM in their S3s, presumably to counter the two missing processor cores found on Samsung’s Exynos 4 Quad chipset.


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