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Gangstar iPhone game goes to Miami

Mobile games firm Gameloft has released the second iPhone incarnation of its Gangstar franchise, which takes the Grand Theft Auto blueprint and runs off with it, all guns blazing.

Gangstar: Miami Vindication is set in, yes, Miami, with more than 75 missions of shooting, racing and cop-dodging to work through. It’s also been optimised for iPhone 4’s Retina Display, so the whole thing looks pin-sharp.

The game promises improved artificial intelligence over its predecessor Gangstar: West Coast Hustle – translation, the police will be harder to evade, and will even call in the FBI to kick your arse if you get too cheeky. For those who’ve played the previous version, there are new cars, motorbikes, boats and a helicopter to drive, along with grenades, flamethrowers and Molotov Cocktails to wield.

Gameloft says it worked with one of the scriptwriters from TV show The Wire to make the voice-acting as realistic (i.e. unhammy) as possible. And record label Ninja Tune is on board to supply music for the in-game radio stations too.


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