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GelaSkins: Sexy stickers

Customising your gadgets is cool. We reckon even Chuck Norris flashes a bit of sticker action on his tech. Some of the coolest stickers you can buy come from GelaSkins, a company that makes protective stickers for iPods, iPhones, laptops and other devices.

Our friends over at are selling iPhone GelaSkins in the UK and they sent us one to check out. Instead of just using any old design, GelaSkins commission artists to create awesome designs that look fantastic and will add a bit of flare to an otherwise simple exterior.

Alongside the sticker you can download a matching wallpaper from the GelaSkin site. We must point out that these stickers only cover the back of the phone and won’t protect against drops, they are more for scratches and bumps. You can pick one up for around £10.

This sticker was created by Nanami Cowdroy and we love it. It’s called Ink Pond and consists of lots of squashed up fish.

The GelaSkin sticker covers the back of an iPhone and doesn’t protect the edges but it looks cool. Style over substance isn’t always a bad thing.

You can download a wallpaper to match your sticker from the GelaSkin website.