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Gene Simmons places a KISS on Angry Birds

Rock legend Gene Simmons has revealed in an interview that he and rock band KISS are in talks with Angry Birds makers, Rovio. A KISS themed game is, according to a confident Simmons, going to “become a deal”.

The Angry Birds franchise has catapulted the Rovio brand over the last two years and a KISS version of the game can only extend the games fanbase. KISS too is keen to access areas and fans not yet in its hemisphere with Simmons commenting;


“We are really trying to take it in areas that haven’t been done before and have stayed out of the marketplace because the ideas simply weren’t exciting enough. So while the gaming world is waiting for the KISS games that are going to explode, we’re busy taking the brand to places where no band has gone before.”

The Rovio team is certainly not adverse to franchises, following a movie deal to launch Angry Birds Rio to great success. As well as Angry Birds Seasons that regularly updates and brings in new downloads for the company.


Via T3 via CVG


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