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Get spooked by sounds in space with the Nightjar

The Nightjar may sound like some dingy club in Leeds, but it’s actually another twisted game from the developers behind last year’s bizarre hit, Papa Sangre.

Again, it’s a sound-based game, you’ll need headphones as it’s all played by ear; literally.

You’ll guide yourself around your abandoned spaceship. You were the last one left. Or at least you were, and now there’s something else on board. At it seems to be following you.

It’s sadly a rather short-lived adventure, but it kept us hooked. Navigate the doors, and sensors by what you can hear through your headphones. dodge the icky sounding things, but don’t rush- you’ll fall over. And that’s not a good thing.

It’s amazing how atmospheric this game gets, given that all you see on screen is a semi-circle to control where you’re facing, and two stripes to control your feet. Check the screenshot; that’s as good on-screen graphics get.

The app iss sponsored by 5 chewing gum; one of the more bizarre advertising tie-ins we’ve seen in a while, but it’s another game at our favourite price, free. Click on the link below to download.


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