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Get your sandwich on with the Subway Subcard

Sandwich lovers of the world, rejoice. The humble Java-enabled mobile phone can now help you get free sandwiches at Subway stores around the country.

Gone are the days of scrappy bits of card with holes punched out, this is loyalty cards 2.0; the Subcard is technically just an RFID a QR code which you download to your Java-enabled handset. Then Subway servers can simply scan you handset to reward you with points every time you buy a delicious measured-in-inches sandwich roll from the American chain. Collect enough points and you’ll enjoy free subs for your trouble – mmm, meatball subs.

The iPhone version is actually a full-on app, downloadable from the App Store. It can locate your nearest Subway as well as help you keep a track on how many points you’ve collected, and how many subs you’ve indulged in and when.

iPhone owners can get the free app from the iTunes app store, any other Java-handset users can text “Subcard” to 85185 or visit


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