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GetGlue for Android and iPhone: Tell people what you watched on TV

GetGlue is a new social networking app for those of you who want to brag about your impeccably cool tastes in music and films to total strangers. You can rate and recommend films, TV shows, music and books and GetGlue awards you points and stickers in a similar way to Foursquare.

You recommend stuff by ‘checking in’ (it really is like Foursquare) and you can rate things by giving them a thumbs up or a thumbs down, or by leaving a comment.

As expected, you can share your reviews on Facebook and Twitter.

GetGlue can be accessed on your computer desktop or via the app on your iPhone or Android device. The Android version has just been released but the iPhone version has been out for a while now, with an iPad edition coming in the next few weeks.

The only area where the mobile apps differ from their desktop equivalent is that there aren’t any external links going off to, Amazon or Wikipedia like there is on the desktop app. It would be very cool if you could go off to buy a track or ebook based on recommendations from the GetGlue app to listen to or read on your phone later.


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