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Getting started: How to download Android apps

Downloading from the Android Market

From the Android Market home screen you can browse for applications and games, or perform a search for a specific term or app name.

When downloading an app or game you’ll see an animated arrow icon in the top left corner that notifies you of the app’s download progress. The arrow transforms into a small tick icon if the download was successful.

If there’s a problem with the download (sudden loss of signal, busy network) then you’ll get the triangular exclamation mark icon instead.

Downloading non-Market Android apps

Before you can begin browsing the web for non-Market apps, you’ll need to head over to the applications menu in settings and check the tick box marked ‘unknown sources’ to allow the installation of non-market applications.

A word of warning. When you activate ‘unknown sources’ in settings, your Android phone will remind you that you are responsible for any damage caused by installing apps from unofficial third parties. If something looks dodgy, don’t bother downloading it.

Searching for apps outside Market is a pretty straightforward affair. Googling for non-market apps for android yields plenty of results. Sites such as andapk and AndAppStore host a lot of non-Market apps and are a good place to start.

Developers of apps which have been pulled from the Android Market often host apps themselves. Jake Wharton, whose SMSBarrage was removed from Market last March, hosts his apps on his own site, for example.