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Photo Guide: Getting started with mobile TV

Head to TV catchup

Head to and sign yourself up. You will then be presented with a set of channels that looks like this. Click on whatever you want and start watching!

Wifi is best

TVCatchup will work on 3G but pay close attention to those data allowances. It will also use up a lot of battery so try to avoid unless necessary. A nice stable home broadband connection will do fine for a decent stream


TVCatchup should run a couple of adverts before a stream opens. This gets annoying.

Runs on anything

Both iPhone and iPad can run TVCatchup through their browser.

Tizi option

Keen to save battery or do a bit more TV watching on the go? A Tizi TV receiver will send signal to your iPad or iPhone via WiFi. Download the app from the app store and pair them up.

Select a channel

Once they have paired they Tizi will start tuning various TV channels and send them to your device. Click one to watch.

Go landscape

Turn the iPad or iPhone landscape to go full screen!


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