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Ghost Hunter M2 is for iPhone-toting paranormal investigators

Halloween is nearly here, and the App Store is flooded with spooky apps, many of which are cheap, nasty pumpkin-toting games. However, Ghost Hunter M2 is much more interesting, styling itself as a “paranormal investigation toolkit”.

What’s that? The App Store description – presumably tongue-in-cheek – rolls out all the long words, saying it aims to “detect and measure disturbances across the electromagnetic and acoustic frequency spectrum, as well as the change of both the magnitude and direction of velocity”.

Oh, and by “employing advanced, and proprietary, computational algorithms to analyze and report on various energy fluctuations.”

So, it can detect a broad range of audio frequencies, measure magnetic field fluctuations, measure footstep movements, and keep tabs on a range of other metrics that may indicate a ghost nearby. Alas, it’s down to you to supply the obligatory hamming-it-up commentary, ideally in a Scouse accent.

A warning, though, from the developer: “As advanced as this toolkit is, it cannot prove, or disprove, the existence of paranormal entities (e.g. ghosts)”. D’oh!


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