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Giant Nexus S exists and actually works: Not worth a trip to California

If you happen to find yourself in San Carlos, California, in the near future, you may want to pop into the local Best Buy for a hands-on (literally) with a giant, 42inch Google Nexus S.

Serious Android fanboys will no doubt be flocking to the over-sized marketing tool, which not only features a working touchscreen, but a working camera and internet connectivity too.

The giant Nexus S is actually powered by a normal-sized Nexus S and Google reckons it might roll more of the behemoths out to other Best Buys if it proves to be a success. In which case we might even see the gigantic Nexus S popping up in Carphone Warehouses next year – so don’t rush off to the airport just yet.

In the meantime, amuse by nipping over to TechCrunch and having a watch of their hands-on video review. 


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