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Gift an iPhone app: Apple adds ‘Gift This App’ option

One of the great things about having an app-tastic iPhone is showing your mates what cool new things your phone can do through apps. However there’s been no way to truly share the love – until now.

Apple has added a ‘Gift This App’ option in the App Store, meaning you can buy paid-for apps to send to your friends and loved ones.

All you have to do is simply enter your friend/partner/family member’s name and email address when prompted and the app will be sent off to the lucky recipient’s inbox. Your credit/debit card will be charged as normal, as if you were buying the app for yourself.

Ok, so we suppose you could already do this with iTunes gift cards and the like, but this is much more convenient way of doing it and means you get to choose which app to give.

Say it with flowers, say it with chocolates, say it with a diamond ring – or say it with a copy of Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars bought from the App Store.

[Source: BoyGeniusReport]