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Give your digits a work out with Finger Race for Android

If you’ve ever wanted to turn your Android phone into a mini-treadmill to give your fingers a workout (a la the Sony Ericsson X10 Mini TV¬†advert) then Finger Race is what you need.

The object of Finger Race is to rack up the fastest possible run times in events such as 1 metre and 2 metre dashes, or the super endurance 5 metre dash. Makers DroidHen say that long strides on the screen make for faster run times.

Finger Race is kind of pointless but it’s free and fun, one of those apps you can show off to your friends in the pub and try to beat each other’s best times.

Our current best times are 02:992 (1 metre) 06.242 (2 metres) and 20.437 (5 metres). Think you can do better?


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