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Give your iPad the gaming love it deserves with an arcade cabinet case and arcade controls

The iCade looks set to prove exactly how much of a retro-gaming fiend you are. Priced at $99, at Think Geek,
the arcade cabinet comes replete with arcade-stick controls and buttons, and connects to your iPad through Bluetooth.

It’s also got the gaudy paint job and cheapy wood-finish front down to tee. All class.

Nothing to confirm whether it’ll be compatible with the latest iPad, but we assume a thinner iPad should slip in just as easily.

Atari are said to be providing some classic games ready for the iCade’s release, including Asteroids, while they’re also set to release the API, which will allow app developers to make apps especially for use with the iCade.

The bad news, it’s already sold out, and it hasn’t even gone on sale just yet, but keep an eye on ThinkGeek for more stock.

Shame it isn’t sideways, or we could’ve had some great Street Fighter IV action on the go.

Thanks Joe.


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